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Extreme long distance runner Hal Kona shares plastic track training experience

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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Extreme long distance runner Hal Kona has a prescription for bodybuilding and life, which keeps him winning and smiling all the time. So follow his instructions-but don't try to catch him.
Traditional running shoes, minimalist running shoes-any kind of shoes can be, the most important thing is to run along the plastic track instead of the road, so that you will be more durable, without worrying about your shock absorption.
Before each race, eat a bowl of oatmeal and a banana, then drink a sports drink. It's simple, but it works for me, so I haven't changed this habit.
The smile is very contagious. Even when I am in pain on the way, when I see someone there, I always want to smile, which can give me a little positive energy. Thinking at the starting line that I will win.
Whenever I have to tell people that I am an extreme trail runner, I am a bit reluctant, and I know I will be bombarded with a lot of questions, but I understand this curiosity. That's still awesome, even for me. I run 100 miles, and that's really crazy.
I was notorious for being late, and two or three times, when I entered the parking lot near the starting point, the other players were already running. But I'm not so anxious about this, anyway, I still have 100 miles to catch up with them. Wave your arms when you go uphill, and that will add more kinetic energy to your pace.
Some of my best ideas about life and work are flashing on the plastic track, but I have to remind myself to write them down immediately, because when I go home, the ecstasy no longer flows to my brain, I will Think, damn it, where are all those great ideas I thought of when I was running outside on the plastic track?
When I first started, Extreme Racing was just starting and I could only train alone most of the time. Strangely, when I asked people if they would like to run for four or five hours together, few people would. When I started running on the plastic track with Scott Jurek and others, I started to really improve. When you see how others run, you have to challenge yourself.
In our house, extreme running is an eternal topic. My wife Carly also participates in the extreme marathon. She has been resting for a year because of pregnancy, but I think we will now run more often on the plastic track together with our baby Jog and see how it goes.
I have run enough extreme cross-country races, so I will know that players are not divided into size and size, and you can not despise anyone. We opened a store and started hosting a 100-mile off-road plastic runway race and found that many people who signed up will never guess that they will be super-runners in the future. I remember one of the women: I thought that the lady would never be completed, and then I gave her a medal at the finish. That really made me wake up like a dream, and racing can really change people's lives.
People think I am crazy, but I think selling shoes is the best job in the world, and you will never really know who the next one will come in. Whether I talk to people about their blisters or their first marathon, I love this job every day.
I used to get up every morning and started worrying about how many laps I need to run on the plastic track, and now it doesn't matter much. As I get older, I can experience the hardships of long-distance running, which will make you realize that it doesn't matter if you take a day or two off.
If you have strict control over what you eat, this can also extend to other aspects of your life. But having said that, I love ice cream so much that I can eat a whole box without stopping.
I do more weight training than other people in this sport, doing push-ups, sit-ups, body supports, flexing arms, etc. I always think you have to be strong to compete in a 100-mile trail race.
Run on the plastic track along the curb and see what happens.
Young plastic track runners take me as an example, which is one of the reasons I work so hard. I should probably give them more advice, but I still want to play and let them know that they are not strong enough.