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Maintenance and upkeep of plastic track runway

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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(1) Plastic track, suitable for ordinary short spikes (shoe length ≤ 6mm), training shoes, rubber canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes.
The plastic track is only used for training and competition activities, and can be used for other purposes.

(2) All vehicles are not allowed to run on the plastic runway. Avoid severe mechanical impact and friction on the runway.

(3) The edges of the plastic runway shall be protected and shall not be arbitrarily peeled. If damage is found, repair shall be made in time.

(4) Avoid contact with organic solvents and chemicals.

(5) Keep it clean, you can wash it with water, and you can use 10% ammonia or detergent to clean the oily dirt.

(6) During training, the personnel are evenly distributed on each runway to avoid uneven use of the venue.

(8) It is forbidden to smoke cigarette butts, chewing gum or sugary drinks.