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General rules for paving of plastic runway

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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解答】施工标线画好后,以一条曲直分界线为基准,由内沿开始将跑道展开,沿画好的施工标线对齐,依次摆放跑道,横向压头以200毫米为宜,纵向跑道以对齐为宜,并根据温度不同要放置30——60分钟。 [ Answer] After the construction marking line is drawn, use a curved straight line as a reference, start the runway from the inner edge, align it along the drawn construction marking line, place the runway in order, the horizontal indenter is preferably 200 mm, and the vertical The runway should be aligned, and it should be placed for 30-60 minutes depending on the temperature.

The effect is:

① The rubber surface layer allows the material to return to its original state and adapt to the weather;

② Lay the rubber surface layer at the corresponding position (lay the surface layer of runway 1 at the position of runway 1 and the surface layer of 2 at the position of runway 2);

③Quality inspection (damage and uneven cutting);

④ Cut and arrange all the interfaces.

The above contents are compiled according to the problems encountered by the students in their actual work for reference. If you have any questions, please communicate and correct them in a timely manner.