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The following points should be noted in the daily use and maintenance of plastic runways

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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The plastic runway is beautiful and durable. If it can be maintained regularly, its service life will be greatly extended. Pay attention to the following points in daily use and maintenance:

1. After the completion of the laying of the plastic runway, it needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be used.

2. The plastic runway is suitable for all-weather use under the condition of certain drainage facilities. The plastic track is used for athlete training, competitions, student sports and fitness exercises, and is not suitable for other purposes;

3. Avoid contamination by harmful substances, always keep it clean, avoid severe mechanical impact and friction, do not allow vehicles on the runway, pile up heavy objects and sharp objects (except standard running shoes). Athletes must wear special sports shoes. The length of nails generally does not exceed 7 mm, and the length of jumping shoes does not exceed 11 mm. If sports shoes have long nails, they are not allowed on plastic track. ;

4. Avoid long-term load;

5. Avoid pyrotechnics and isolate heat sources, and avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fires and pollutants.

6. It should be sprayed with water frequently. After cleaning, a small amount of residual water on the rubber surface can be removed with a dry cloth. Stained with oil can be scrubbed clean with 10% ammonia or detergent or washing powder.

7. The edge of the plastic runway should be protected, and it should not be arbitrarily tilted. If damage to the teeth and foaming are found, the construction order should be notified in time.
Bit for patching.