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Plastic runways are some roads depending on the material used

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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Generally speaking, runways generally refer to track and field runways in schools and professional stadiums at all levels. There are standard runways and non-standard runways. Standard runways are 400 meters in perimeter and 36.5 meters in radius. There are two types: 36 meters and 37.898 meters). Non-standard runways refer to the proper adjustment of the radius and perimeter of the playground according to the shape and size of the area of the playground. Common perimeters are 200 meters and 300 meters.

The plastic runway can be divided into:

Prefabricated plastic runway Full plastic runway Hybrid plastic runway Composite plastic runway Breathable plastic runway EPDM plastic runway

Prefabricated plastic runways and all-plastic runways are common types of professional track and field stadiums due to their unparalleled performance, but their high prices are beyond the reach of ordinary colleges and universities;

The performance of hybrid plastic runway and composite plastic runway is between fully plastic and breathable, and the price is slightly lower than plastic runways such as full plastic, but it is also much higher than the breathable type, and has higher requirements on the foundation;

The performance of the air-permeable plastic runway can fully meet the GB / 14833-93 indicators, and it is breathable and water-permeable, with a short construction period, easy maintenance and renovation, and the highest cost performance. It is also the first choice for large, middle and primary schools;

EPDM plastic runways are mainly used in non-standard runways such as primary schools or kindergartens.