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Main raw materials for plastic runway

2018-09-30 Release time: 2018-09-30

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1. The main ingredients of plastic raw materials are carbon compounds.

2. Plastic raw material: It is composed of high-molecular synthetic resin (polymer) as the main component, and penetrates into various auxiliary materials or additives. It has plasticity and fluidity at a specific temperature and pressure, and can be molded into a certain shape. A material that retains its shape under certain conditions.

3. Polymer: refers to the pure material or polymer material produced during the polymerization process. Both natural resins and synthetic resins are polymer aggregates, referred to as high polymers.

4.Plastic has good insulation properties for electricity, heat and sound: electrical insulation, arc resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption, and excellent sound insulation performance.

Most of the plastic raw materials are extracted from some oils. The most familiar part of the PC material is extracted from petroleum. The PC material has a smell of gasoline when it is burned. ABS is extracted from coal. ABS is When burnt out, it will be soot-like; POM is extracted from natural gas. When burned out, POM will have a very smelly gas.